Midas Rezerv Brings Precious Metals and Bitcoin Technology Together

Midas Rezerv Brings Precious Metals and Bitcoin Technology Together

THELOGICALINDIAN - Blockchain technology allows us to do abounding things best of which we havent alike apparent yet One affair we do apperceive is that the blockchain allows us to alteration buying of assets in a cellophane address and it additionally lets us aback up these assets with actual appurtenances such as adored metals This is area Midas Rezerv comes into the account as this aggregation portrays itself as a decentralized broadcast 100 goldbacked agenda badge in the anatomy of MRCoin

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Midas Rezerv: Who, What and Why?

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Many Bitcoin-related companies accept been aggravating to amalgamate the confusing technology offered by Bitcoin and the store-of-value aspect presented by adored metals such as gold and silver. Needless to say, this is not an accessible assignment if you do not accept the able access in the adored metal sphere, as you will charge a appropriate accumulation of gold and/or argent to aback up all of your assets.

What companies such as Midas Rezerv action their barter is a belvedere advised to facilitate payments of concrete gold in a agenda form, yet additionally enhance trading and investments. In adjustment to abundance the concrete gold, Midas Rezerv food adored metals in non-bank vaults amid in Free Trade Zones such as Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. All of these backing are accessible to the accessible in an online manner, and through the Bitcoin blockchain as well.

In adjustment to acquisition out added about Midas Rezerv and the bodies abaft this project, I accomplished out to their PR spokesperson. After casual the questions I beatific over forth to the appropriate person, this is the acknowledgment I accustomed to the catechism of accepting added aggregation information. After all, it is not accessible to appear by partnerships in the adored metals industry.

“Midas Rezerv is the trading account platform, advised by Amilabs, Ltd. (Amilabs.co) a blockchain development company, specializing in Bitcoin 2.0 infrastructure. Amilabs, Ltd is a bootstrapping startup, based in Thailand and accepted by Thailand BOI (Board of Investment). Our CEO, Alexi Lane, aloof visited Dubai Precious Metals Conference, area he met with abounding industry leaders and anchored affiliation agreements with a cardinal of refineries, broad gold traders, and aggressive account providers.”

One of the aspects that accomplish Midas Rezerv so adorable is the decentralized attributes of their activity by overextension the gold abetment over assorted vaults in altered countries. In the adjustment of transparency, this gives the buyer the exact area of anniversary gold gram abetment up every one of his MRCoins at any accustomed time.

But that is not all, like application a belvedere such as Midas Rezerv removes the charge of advantageous for accumulator and allowance fees to aegis gold backing with a custodian. Another affair that may appear in a acceptable basement is the clamminess of concrete gold assets, due to acknowledgment discounts activated by dealers if investors anytime charge to cash their positions fast.

MRCoin, A New Asset Issued by Midas Rezerv


Even admitting Midas Rezerv uses the Bitcoin blockchain technology for its accessible balance capabilities, that does not beggarly every Bitcoin is aback angry to adored metal. Instead, Midas Rezerv has created their asset on the Bitcoin blockchain, alleged MRCoin, in which every bread is backed by 1 gram of gold [divisible bottomward to 1/100 if charge be’.

These MRCoins will be accessible for acquirement in barter for Bitcoin from accommodating Bitcoin exchanges – none of which accept been accepted yet -, bill exchanges accustomed by Midas Rezerv themselves and added MRCoin holders. In agreement of that aftermost option, MRCoin owners can use the Midas Wallet Transfer affection to auspiciously complete a trade.

But attached every MRCoin to one gram of gold is not an accessible task, as you will charge to be able to verify that this is the case. Midas Rezerv relies on the accountability of all gold-backed assets amid in Trusted Vaults. Furthermore, Midas Rezerv is the absolute sales abettor for accepted refineries and adored metals investors. On top of that, absolute audits will be conducted on a approved [mnthly] basis.

Speaking of account audits, all of the annal associated with these audits will be scanned and appear about on the Bitcoin blockchain and certified via embedding SHA256 digest. Last but not least, it is important to agenda no gold backing can be removed from any of the Trusted Vaults after afire the corresponding bulk of MRCoin associated with it.

“The key point of the arrangement is to advance the active arrangement of 1:1 amid issued MRCoins and gold in vaults (in grams). Once this adequation is abandoned and not anchored aural beeline accessible time, we are screwed. However, we will accompany the angle of not abandoning the gold from the vaults by barter unless necessary. Statistic shows that few ages or weeks after customer(s) accompany their gold aback to defended accumulator ability as they don’t appetite to accumulate it at home.“

Different From Services Such as Vaultoro and Serica


As mentioned before, Midas Rezerv is not the aboriginal – nor the aftermost – aggregation to try and accompany adored metals and Bitcoin technology together. Companies such as Vaultoro and Serica [ aforetime accepted as DigitalTangible[ are additionally congenital on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, but they do not affair their coins.

Both Serica and Vaultoro acquiesce their barter to barter Bitcoin and adored metals intermittently and are not absolute antagonism for Midas Rezerv due to their absolutely altered business model. It is acceptable to see added and added companies exploring the advantage of application blockchain technology in aggregate with adored metals, which is article all parties complex can account from in the continued run.

“Midas Rezerv is not alone gold-backed bread issuer, but strives to advance able decentralization by ambience up assorted vaults on altered continents, and appearance anniversary MRCoin per vault. This way the buyer of MRCoin knows absolutely area the gold gram that backs up his bread is located.”


Website: http://midasrezerv.com

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